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Are you a jewelry designer that is looking for more places to sell your items?  Or do you make your own jewelry as a hobby and want to earn a little extra money on the side?  If the answer is "Yes" to either of these questions, then is the place for you!

About Us is a leading jewelry website with thousands and thousands of happy Facebook fans.  On fashion accessories are the main attraction.

How it Works


To get your products listed on, you first have to be approved.  Simply send photos of your jewelry to  If we like the photos we may ask you to send us a few samples (samples will not be returned).  If we like what we see, we'll ask you to join our growing list of designers and we'll post your jewelry in your own section on our website under our "Designers" tab.  We may also feature your items on our Facebook page, and include them in other categories on our website.

What kind of jewelry can I sell?

We accept bracelets, brooches, earrings and necklaces.  Bracelets must be made to be adjustable for wrist sizes between 6" - 8".  Necklaces must be adjustable between 20" - 24".  Our customers come in all sizes, so we need jewelry that's adjustable to fit their individual needs.  

What kind of materials can I use?

You can use any materials you want but they must be in "new" condition.  Used beads, chains, clasps etc. are not permitted.

How do I post my jewelry?

eBracelets will photograph and post your items because we want your products to "fit in" to our website.  All you have to do is ship us the items.  We require at least three (3) of each item you wish to sell (they must use identical materials/colors etc.).  Along with each item, include a brief product description (size, clasp type, materials used, unique features, fun facts etc.), and tell us the price you'd like to charge.

We reserve the right not to post an item for any reason.

How many items can I sell?

We will photograph and post up to 20 different items, so make sure what you send us is your best stuff!

Who ships the jewelry?

We do!   All you have to do is ship us the items ahead of time. We also take care of collecting customer payments and managing returns.

How much will it cost me?

To make sure you are committed, we charge an annual program fee of $250.00, payable upfront.  Each time one of your items is sold, we will also take a $2.00 commission plus any sales tax.  That's it!  The rest is yours to keep.

When do I get paid?

We will pay you your share of your sales on the 15th of the month following each sale.  Please note that we will withold your share of any sale amount if an item is returned, or if a customer has told us they intend to return an item.  You agree to let us manage returns on your behalf as we see fit.  If an item is returned after you have been paid, you agree to rebate to us your share of the proceeds paid to you within 10 days after we notify you; or at our option we will deduct such amount from your next sale.

Cancellation / Termination

Your participation in the program will terminate on each one year anniversary from the date you joined.  We reserve the right to cancel your participation at any time for any reason.  If we cancel your participation, we will rebate you the remaining portion of the $250.00 fee.

Return of Inventory

If you no longer wish to participate in the program, or if we terminate your participation, you may elect to forfeit your inventory held with us, or request that it be shipped back to you at your cost.  If you do not notify us of your preferred choice within 10 days of cancellation / termination, you agree that you shall automatically deem the inventory forfeited.

That's it!  Email us those photos today!

And remember our motto....Life's a Charm (r).


Carl Jackson